Police: keep your car locked, hide valuables from sight

Keep it locked, local police say.

With the holiday season fast approaching, another season is upon us: auto break-in and theft season, according to local police.

With a few steps of caution, Coatesville Police advise that you can keep your car, valuables and even your home a whole lot safer this holiday season.

The first tip is to keep your car locked and windows rolled up any time your are not in the car. While this might seem like common sense, both in terms of the city and surrounding communities, folks leave their car running to run into the local store to grab coffee or such — inviting thieves to grab your car, your valuables and even your home keys.

Although less common in urban areas, many suburban and rural residents still leave their cars unlocked while parked in their driveways, inviting quick-grab thefts of anything from loose to change to satellite positioning navigation systems and other valuables from your car. Be safe, police say, keep it locked up at all times.

Even if you have your car locked up, Coatesville Police remind everyone: don’t leave valuable items in clear sight, such as computers, briefcases and Christmas presents. Police said they’ve already received multiple reports of car break-ins and damage from such incidents.

On those cold winter mornings, it is very tempting to want to start your car up and let it warm up before starting your drive. But, police warn, there’s some danger from thieves, unless your car is equipped with a remote start system. If the keys are in the car — even if you have it locked with a second key or fob — it can be a tempting target for would-be car thieves. Seasoned professional car thieves can enter a car in moments — sometimes without being noticed. Worse, along with your car, thieves might get your house or business keys and seek to take advantage.

Police remind everyone to be smart, take a bit of caution and have a great holiday season.

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