Letter: Hogan should recuse himself rom Roe investigation

To The Editor,

letters1Last week, the Chester County Democrats filed a complaint providing serious and concrete evidence that Republican Candidate Eric Roe has committed voter fraud. Following the appropriate legal avenues, they filed a complaint detailing Roe’s years of living in Washington D.C. and overseas both with the Chester County District Attorney and the Attorney General’s office, whose offices share jurisdiction in investigating these allegations.

However, this week when campaign finance records became public, researchers revealed that District Attorney Hogan is a contributor to the candidate in question; which raises some significant questions of potential conflict of interest.

The voters of the 158th District ought to know whether Eric Roe is Constitutionally ineligible to serve the position he seeks, and whether he committed any crimes in asserting otherwise as to his residency. That opinion should be free and clear of any potential conflict. Using your personal campaign funds to prop up another candidate’s campaign indicates a preference in the outcome in the election, which is the reason that I am asking the District Attorney to immediately refer it to the Attorney General, a neutral party, and ask for an opinion on the matter before Election Day.

Let me be clear. I am in no way questioning the aptitude or competence of District Attorney Hogan, I am only questioning his ability to handle this particular case without bias. The voters of the 158th District deserve to be given the opportunity to know the truth about whether or not Eric Roe is eligible to serve as State Representative in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in accordance with the State Constitution.

Nathan Davidson

Executive Director

House Democratic Campaign Committee


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