Letter: Nothing but lies from Eric Roe

To The Editor,

letters1In this election season, we’ve been inundated with lies from both parties at the top of the ticket. I had hoped that this local campaign would have been run on the issues, but that has not been the case. Today I am calling out my opponent Eric Roe for blatantly and repeatedly lying about my positions.

I have gone on record in newspapers as well as on my Facebook posts that I DID NOT support Tom Wolf’s tax plan. I also said and still stand by my statement that I also opposed the House Leadership budget. Both budgets were wrong for the people of Pennsylvania and yet for weeks now, both by mail and in TV ads, Eric Roe has been lying about my political stands and intentions.

Is that the kind of legislator we need in Harrisburg? Someone who will lie to win?

Eric Roe has been secretive regarding his views. He chose not to put any position papers up on his website until last month, hiding his real views from voters. When he finally did, his first version; “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” were quickly taken down because they were so extreme.  His new positions are so vague that they fail to show what he honestly believes.

What a shame that instead of honestly discussing issues, Eric chose to rely on that old lie “all Democrats want to raise your taxes,” trying to incite fear and worry among voters.

I have been asking for public debates since May. His campaign refused to respond to the League of Women Voters until October and when they did, they would only agree to one debate date in November. Rather late. When the date and location that he wanted weren’t available, I suggested New Garden Township. His campaign’s response was that New Garden was too far away. NOTE TO ERIC- New Garden Township is part of the 158th District and should never be considered too far away.

I say this to Eric – If as a candidate, you are unwilling to represent yourself and your opponent with honesty and integrity, then you don’t reflect our Chester County Values. This might be how Washington D.C. acts, but the constituents of the 158th District deserve much better than this.


Susan Rzucidlo,

New Garden


PA House of Representatives, 158th District

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