Art Watch: Murder mystery art stroll is back

Search for clues in Kennett, find fun and art

By Lele Galer, Columnist, The Times

UTColLogoGalerThe Kennett Square Murder Mystery Art Stroll is back! Friday, August 5th starting at 6:45 pm, visitors will embark on a “Clue” like hunt through stores and galleries to try to solve this year’s Art Stroll Mystery. The Murder Mystery Art Stroll starts at the Genesis Walkway, where visitors are introduced to the detective on the case, played by a local celebrity. Every participating Kennett store offers mystery clues, as well as exhibitions of local artwork, food and refreshments. This is a fun, interactive way to see art and shop throughout this charming, lovely town in Chester County. Visitors can pop in at any time during the evening, and prizes will be awarded at random. For more information about this unique art stroll, go to

The 2015 Murder mystery art stroll, compliments of Historic Kennett Square (Chris Ramsay is pictured speaking to the gathered detectives).

The 2015 Murder mystery art stroll, compliments of Historic Kennett Square (Chris Ramsay is pictured speaking to the gathered detectives).

This year’s Murder Mystery Art Stroll was put together by Chris Ramsay of KATS (Kennett Amateur Theatrical Society) and the nice folks at Historic Kennett Square. Chris and his colleagues have spent the last year organizing for this interactive event. He explains, “We have 21 actors that will be playing murder mystery suspects and spread throughout the shops… and ‘shady characters’ wandering around town offering to sell clues. They will be dressed in trench coats and fedora hats..” Hundreds of people showed up for last year’s Murder Art Stroll, and it takes years ahead, and dozens of creative minds to plan and create this delightful event.

Of course, every First Friday of the month, Kennett Square welcomes people to First Friday Art Stroll, where the town opens with local artists displaying pop up shows in most of the local shops and eateries. This year’s Murder Mystery plot concerns the “Mystery of the American Mushroom Party”, where the fictional Mushroom Party candidate has been found dead from a blow to the head. Local actors will be spread throughout town portraying aspiring political candidates, members of the press, campaign contributors and party delegates, all of whom are potential culprits. Sounds like good fun, and a great opportunity to check out the local stores, galleries and delicious spots to eat dinner, have some ice cream and enjoy a late coffee at Philter.

Amidst the Murder mystery detective work, remember to check out the Kennett Square art galleries and art studios that are all open for First Friday fun. Mala Galleria hosts the opening for “New Leaf” paintings by artist Joanne Mark. Two blocks from Mala is The Longwood Art Gallery, which is full to the brim with paintings, pottery, jewelry and stained glass from local Chester County artists. The owners ask visitors to “Please join us and enjoy great art, lively conversation wine and cheese while interrogating the Suspect in the gallery.” Remember that September 1st marks the first day of their big end of summer art sale, with art on sale throughout the gallery.

The Art studios of painters Peter Willard and Carol Lesher both have open studios on South Broad Street, and Charlie Metzger has his pottery studio at 107 South Union Street. Artworks & Metalworks gallery is across the street at 124 South Union, and offers a floor to ceiling variety of Chester County original art and prints as well as metal and ceramic sculptures. There is a lot to see on any day in Kennett Square, but this August’s First Friday you can also enjoy pop up art shows in many of the shops as well as a lively murder “Clue” mystery that will keep you hopping.

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