Kennett supervisors salute township police

New firetruck highlighted along with multiple projects 

By Kelly O’Hara, Staff Writer, The Times

Kennett Township's Board of Supervisors discuss a potential zoning change during Wednesday night's meeting.

Kennett Township’s Board of Supervisors discuss a potential zoning change during Wednesday night’s meeting.

KENNETT — Township officials took time during the Chief of Police report to express their thanks and pledge their support to the Kennett Township Police Department during Wednesday night’s Board of Supervisor’s meeting.

Referencing the recent tragic events that have occurred across the country and the resulting dangerous environment for many police officers, Supervisor Whitney Hoffman said “We wanted to say thank you to you and your officers during such a stressful time. You do a tremendous job and we wanted to recognize you publicly for your service. If there is anything we can do to further support the department, please let us know.”

Chief Lydell Nolt thanked the supervisors and shared that there has been an outpouring of support from residents in the community in the form of calls and donations. Nolt said he is constantly being approached by residents saying “thank you” and knows that “people understand what we do to support the community.”

Also during his report, Nolt updated the supervisors on other department activity. He gave a reminder about the dangers that come with the extreme heat of the summer season and asked that residents check on elderly neighbors and also take care of their pets. The season can also bring severe storms. He encouraged residents to sign up for community alerts via, a notification system that provides important information during emergency situations.

The Kennett Township Police Department along with the Kennett Borough Police Department will host a National Night Out event on August 2nd on the 200 block of Linden Street. It is a great opportunity for families to come out and meet the officers.

There was no Kennett Fire Company representative available to give the report, but the supervisors discussed the brand new 45-foot long, 42-ton fire truck.

“It is a marvelous piece of equipment,” said Chairman Scudder Stevens.

After going for a ride in the new truck and then going up in the bucket of the truck, which extends to 100 feet,  Hoffman said, “I learned the importance of a 24-foot road width when navigating the roads in this big truck. I also learned about the custom features of the truck and also that this truck can get to any building in the borough and township of Kennett because of how high the bucket can extend.”

Both Kennett Township and Kennett Square Borough funded the $1.2 million truck.

During her manager’s report, Lisa Moore gave an update on multiple ongoing township projects. The township has been working with the borough on an economic development study for the area and the findings will be discussed at a meeting on September 8th. After the findings are released, the group plans to apply for another grant to implement the findings of the study.

The township is hoping to begin work this fall on the Marshall Bridge stream bank that is ready to cave in. The bid specs are being finalized and will be going out for bid shortly. The amount budgeted for the project was 500 thousand dollars but is expected to come in way under budget at around 225 thousand.

The sidewalk project continues to move forward, thanks to a $750,000 grant from the state. Township and borough residents are excited about the sidewalks, which will be at McFarlan Road/Granite Ridge to Rosedale, Penns Manor into the Borough, Rosedale to the Borough and the Mr. Wizard Car Wash at Cypress to New Garden Township.

Moore also provided details about the study that evaluated the need to install a traffic light at the intersection of Routes 1 and 82. The project is a joint effort between Kennett Township and East Marlborough Township. The townships are also working together to address the issue at Cedarcroft Road and Route 82 where residents cannot turn left onto Route 1. Engineers are working with The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to address the situation.

Supervisors Leff and Stevens both commented on the value of different groups working together on many of the township’s current projects. Stevens said that these joint projects show “the value of sharing a vision and resources to achieve a common goal.”

Under New Business, the Board of Supervisors voted to approve the dedication of the Burnt Mill Circle Road. They also approved both the Firearm Range Ordinance, which will allow Kennett Township police officers to pay a yearly fee of $750 to use the New Garden Township Firing range and the Debt Interest Ordinance, which will allow the township to charge 10% interest on ay outstanding debt.

The Supervisors also had a preliminary discussion about the reinstatement of the Gun Discharge Ordinance from 2013 including the amendments added in 2014. The ordinance had been suspended due to actions by the state legislature, which has since been ruled as unconstitutional. There was a motion approved to advertise the draft ordinance in preparation for an approval vote at the August meeting.

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