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Simple procedures to fix some of our biggest worries: eyelashes and eyebrows

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

KellyColumn415Newest815I loooove beauty tips that make life easier.

The latest trends (popping up all over the internet) have to do with simple procedures that result in semi­permanent solutions to some of our biggest concerns: eyelashes and eyebrows. If you have good ones, thank your lucky stars.

Because, if you struggle with sparse (over plucked) brows or less than lushious lashes, applying products to combat these flaws takes time, effort, and expensive products.

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Lash extensions can be synthetic, silk, or mink fibers that are glued with semi­permanent glue and last approximately one month. If applied properly, they will not damage the natural lash. You don’t have to wear mascara…which, especially in the hot, humid summer months, sounds like heaven. I can’t tell you how exciting it would be to wake up in the morning, swipe on some lipgloss, and be able to walk out the door! I donned mascara in the middle of the night when I went into labor with my son. I do not leave the house without it.

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I make brow contact before eye contact. (I wish I could take credit for being clever enough to come up with that amazing quote…alas, I stole it from Pinterest). Having a perfectly coiffed arch transforms your entire face. So, if you have plucked a little too vigorously, or have naturally lost brows due to aging (how brutally unfair is THAT?!) microblading is the answer you’ve been searching for. Unlike an eyebrow tattoo (waaaaaay too harsh, in my opinion), microblading uses pigment (as opposed to ink) and is applied with a handheld device (not a motorized one). The results last approximately a year to a year and a half. I have been following a number of bloggers on Snapchat and it is a magical transformation!

My mission is to find the experts in our area who provide these services and report back to all of you! I will even go so far as to have the procedures done and take before and after pics to document the process. Consider me to be part guinea pig / part investigative reporter.

All in the name of beauty…. Happy Weekend!

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