Letter: Disappointed in Rivera’s behavior

To The Editor,

Letters1I am writing to express my sadness and disappointment in the behavior reported in a recent article regarding Mr. Rivera who withdrew from the ballot for State Representative because of problems with his petitions, including misrepresentation before a notary.  

Mr. Rivera stated that he really did not understand the process and he made this misrepresentation unknowingly.  From what I know of the process and the forms, the whole thing appears to me to be straightforward, but if you are not a person who pays attention to detail when filling out forms that have to be notarized, it might not be, and as a result, Mr. Rivera is paying the price by having to withdraw from the ballot.

What I find distasteful is that Mrs. Rzucidlo (who is on the Democratic ballot on the 158 District) was accused of “playing politics.”  Mr. Rivera did the wrong thing.  There is no need to disparage Mrs. Rzucidlo for standing up and doing the right thing when she found these issues.  She has every right to review and dispute ballots that are questionable.  The current petition process might be considered a hassle but it is there to ensure the integrity of the documents.   It is perfectly acceptable to require that a potential representative who is running to represent her district understand and to follow the process.   So, it is distasteful to me that Susan’s actions were called political, in one report, the fault was placed with Susan.  This blame throwing is an attempt to take attention away from the actual error of Mr Rivera’s is insulting to the electorate and just shows that the political circus and dysfunction that is happening in Washington and in Harrisburg is also in our very own backyard.

I am a life long Republican and I can tell you that I am sick of what is happening in Washington and Harrisburg.   Our representatives are not representing me.  I am a centrist worried about how all of the playground shenanigans are impacting the future of our country and the future of my kids and future grand kids.  And I am worried about the future – that the roads are safe for my kids and my fellow citizens, that we have decent jobs so people can live and contribute to the economy, that our education system is producing citizens that can contribute to the global economy, that are communities are safe for all people.  Because, that all of these things are good for American business and prosperity.  And I expect my representatives to follow the law and if he/she does not, to pay the consequences just like we expect every other citizen to do.

I know Mrs. Rzucidlo and I do not like seeing her character called into question.   She cares about this country, this county and her district.  She has worked across party lines to get the Premise Alert System adopted across the state of PA.  Nationally, police are being educated on how to recognize and deal with kids on the autism spectrum which is saving lives and much of that work was started here in Pennsylvania and Susan Rzucidlo was in on the ground floor.  Emergency departments in this state and across the country are able to download communication boards free of charge to enable people who cannot communicate to enable them to communicate their medical issue and need.  Susan did that.  Susan is tough.  She is principled. She gets results.   And if she was still running in my district, I would vote for her whole heartedly because I will not vote along party lines.  I vote for people who I think will work together across party lines to get results.  


M.J. Tucker

Kennett Square

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