WC Mayor Comitta announces run for state house


Carolyn Comitta

West Chester Mayor Carolyn Comitta announced her candidacy this week for the Pennsylvania State House seat in the 156th District, vowing to bring a spirit of bipartisan cooperation and strong leadership to Harrisburg. Comitta, West Chester’s first female Mayor and its first Democratic Mayor since 1992, will be the Democratic challenger to incumbent Dan Truitt.

“My life has been devoted to seeking cooperation and progress for the common good,” said Comitta. “I am proud to be the candidate who listens, who celebrates diversity and inclusiveness and who brings people together to consider all points of view and get things done.”

The 156th District includes West Chester Borough, portions of West Goshen, East Goshen, Westtown, Birmingham, and Thornbury Townships.

Active in local politics and a seasoned leader, the 156th District is where she was raised, educated, and started her family and career. In her two terms as Mayor, she has ushered in economic stability through business development, advanced the relationship between the Borough and West Chester University, and worked tirelessly on issues like municipal pension reform and gun violence prevention.

“I have testified before the state redistricting commission,” said Comitta. “We took our borough’s redistricting case to the state Supreme Court and won. By attending state, national and municipal organization meetings, I have developed friendships with elected officials across Pennsylvania and the country.”

Comitta is dedicated to investing in the future progress on behalf of constituents by ensuring that local issues are addressed at the state level, like increasing education dollars to the district and forging relationships with a cross-section of local stake holders dedicated to protecting and advancing the quality of life in the 156th District. 

“We all know the system in Harrisburg is not working,” Comitta concluded. “Our most vulnerable citizens, starting with our precious children, are counting on us, and we must not let them down. Together, we have a real chance to create a healthy future for all.”

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