E. Marlborough bids Walker goodbye; no tax hike for 2016

Hearing on 180-unit apartment proposal continued into January

By Karen Cresta, Staff Writer, The Times


Cuyler Walker’s colleagues on the East Marlborough Board of Supervisors presented him with an antique map of the township, marking his final meeting as a supervisor, after serving for 18 years.

EAST MARLBOROUGH – Township president Cuyler Walker was honored by fellow board members for 18 years of service during Monday night’s meeting. Walker’s last meeting consisted of approving the 2016 township budget as well as over 11 other items on the agenda.

Board member Richard “Buzz” Hannum presented a framed antique map of the township as he said that the board was losing “our fearless leader.” Hannum thanked Walker for serving without prejudice and for his dedication of 18 years that has been unparalleled.

Walker thanked the board members and the residents of the township and said, “It was an honor to work with all of you. Most importantly, I feel even more confident that the township is in good hands.”

Christine Kimmel, who will be the first female supervisor to serve, was victorious in the election and the Republican endorsed candidate. (Walker did not choose to run for re-election.) She will take her seat on the board in January.

The board unanimously approved the township budgets and there will be no tax increase for 2016. Real estate taxes are to remain at 1.05 mills, an estimated income of $716,000 and taxes such as the library (0.183 mill), fire (0.75mill), and open space (0.2 mill) will not increase. Details of the budget are posted on the townships website at www.eastmarlborough.org.

The board held a public hearing before the start of the regular meeting for Ordinance 2015-05 that limits trucks weighing more than three-quarters of a ton on Doe Run Road between Route 926 and Oak Tree Road in order to avoid consistent repair and deterioration of the roadway frequented by heavy trucks.

The ordinance was approved to limit the weight with the exception of emergency and utility vehicles, school buses, and local delivery trucks. Signage will be posted and enforced by township police and violators will be fined $75.00 for first offense, $200 for second, and $500 for further offenses. The ordinance that was drafted by township solicitor Frone Crawford will be used if further action on other roadways is necessary.

The board approved a traffic study in the amount of $7,125 (the other 50 percent is being paid by Kennett Township) at Route 82 and the Route 1 on and off ramps due to increased traffic from the borough.   Also approved was a traffic study at Walnut Road due to increased traffic from a new residential development. The study (costs also to be split with Kennett Township) will be part of the beginning of an exploration with Penn Dot to possibly add access ramps to Route 1.

In addition, the board approved, without resistance, the annual 5K Unionville Run for Our Sons that is in its seventh year and will take place on April 16.

A new request for road closures from a non-profit organization, Run2Shine, which anticipates 750 – 1000 registered runners for the first year, was met with opposition from board member Bob Weer. He felt the route that begins at Kennett High School and up Route 82 into East Marlborough Township roads should be changed based on safety and traffic issues. Weer felt strongly that the route should be reconsidered.

The two representatives of Run2Shine and advocates for including East Marlborough’s beautiful terrain and bringing awareness to Chester County indicated that grants would be given back to the communities and would raise money and awareness to local charities – yet to be determined at this juncture. The route remains pending and an additional meeting with board members Eddie Caudill and Hannum and the Chief of Police, Robert Clarke, will be the next step.

Tom Swett was approved by the board to serve on the Kennett Library board along with Stanley Allen (previously approved) as representatives for East Marlborough. Walker indicated that with Swett’s previous and extensive experience, he will be a significant asset to the library.

There was an additional public hearing held after the regular meeting concluded. The public hearing was re-convened from April regarding a conditional use approval for a proposed 180 units of townhomes located on a 39.9 acre property between Walnut Street and Schoolhouse Road in the LI (Limited Industrial) district. Construction will be done in three phases over two to three years.

Attorney John Jaros spent the time allotted confirming paperwork and names of the companies involved – various names of the companies involved were changed and needed to be amended on the application to be recognized. Jaros challenged the township zoning laws that allow such multi-family dwellings and the zoning ordinance that was changed by the township after CJK Investments LLC submitted their proposal. He informed the board that he would proceed with his case and the original application.

The next meeting regarding the conditional use order will be held on January 11, at 7 p.m., in the township building.

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