County Chief of Detectives Vito to retire at end of 2015


Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan congratulates Chief of Chester County Detectives James Vito on his retirement, effective at the end of the year.

WEST CHESTER — The county’s top investigative officer, Chester County Detectives Chief James Vito will retire at the end of 2015, District Attorney Tom Hogan said Wednesday.

Vito currently is the longest serving member of the District Attorney’s Office, having worked for the office since 1979, serving under a total of six district attorneys during his tenure. He has served as Chief for the last eight years.

The time, Vito said, had come for changes in his life, professionally and personally, especially in light of the election of his wife, Marion Vito, as District Justice in the West Chester area, earlier this month.

“It has been my duty and privilege to serve with the men and women of the Chester County Detectives,” Vito said. “Working together with Chester County law enforcement, we have done our best to protect the citizens of Chester County. With the election of my wife Marian to the position of Magisterial District Judge, it is time for me to support her career and spend more time with our sons.”

For his part, Hogan made it clear that Vito would be missed.

Chief Vito has served with rock-ribbed integrity and great distinction for the past 35 years,” Hogan said. “Chester County law enforcement will miss his calm demeanor and work ethic. He has been an outstanding Chief and a credit to Chester County.”

Vito is a graduate of West Chester University, then known as West Chester State College. He started his law enforcement career in 1976 with the West Goshen Police Department. In 1979, he joined the Chester County Detectives. He served under District Attorneys William Lamb, James Freeman, James MacElree, Anthony Sarcione, Joseph Carroll, and Tom Hogan.  He has served as the Chief of the Chester County Detectives for the last eight years. He also is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard.

Chief Vito has played a critical role in many law enforcement initiatives in Chester County. For the Chester County Detectives,  he was involved in the creation and development of the Computer Forensics Unit, the Crime Scene Forensics Unit, and the Child Abuse Unit. He has been one of the leaders in developing an active threat/mass casualty protocol for the entire county. He has overseen numerous high-profile murder cases, drug investigations, white collar fraud matters, and political corruption issues.

Vito is married to Marian Thayer Vito, who recently was elected to the position of Magisterial District Judge in West Chester. Marian Vito is an alumna of the District Attorney’s Office, which is where the two met. They have two sons.

Vito said he treasures his time working for the county and enjoyed seeing the evolution of the area from a quiet backwater to a vibrant and growing area.

“I have seen Chester County grow from a sleepy rural county to a vibrant and complex area that is the economic hub of the region,” Vito said. “I have served with prosecutors and police officers who have made me laugh, cry, and always made me proud at the end of the day. I would not change a day of my career serving Chester County.”

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