Candidate Q&A: James Bell, candidate for Sheriff

EDITOR’S NOTE — The Times asked the 2015 candidates for Chester County county-wide office to answer a serious of questions relative to their campaign and office, as well as their personal background. Wanting to give each candidate a direct, unfiltered, option to communicate with the voters, these responses are not edited nor abridged in any way.

By James Bell, Candidate for Chester County Sheriff


James Bell

1. Whether you are an incumbent or a challenger, what prompted you to seek public office?

For 37 years, I served in law enforcement. During this time, I learned about the needs of the people who live in Chester County and met residents from all walks of life. My commitment to and interest in ensuring that law enforcement is meted out with efficiency and fairness is why I am running for Sheriff.

2. Can you describe an achievement in your professional or elective life that you are especially proud of and why?

I am proud to work in public education, one of the most important professional roles I have achieved. I enjoy working with young people, especially those who are troubled or need some guidance. It is a rewarding occupation.

3. Talk about a difficult decision you’ve had to make, how you went about it and what the outcome was.

Candidate did not answer

4. As not all Row Offices are as self-explanatory as District Attorney or Sheriff, can you briefly explain the duties of the office you seek?


5. What qualities do you feel make you the best candidate for that job?

My lifelong commitment to law enforcement and safety as well as my experience as a police officer are qualifiers. I will ensure that the residents of Chester County are provided with the resources they need in order to improve the quality of civil process and service.

6. What do you feel are the most important issues in your race?

I want residents to know that the Sheriff’s Office is open and accessible to anyone. People need to know that their voices and concerns are being heard and that action is taken, not put on the shelf to address at a later date – if at all.

7. Is there anything else that you would like the people of Chester County to know about you?

Residents of Chester County should know that I am qualified and capable. I am a lifelong resident of this County – born and raised. I’m proud of that and I want to keep our collective home safe and sound.

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