Candidate Q&A: Hans van Mol, candidate Recorder of Deeds

EDITOR’S NOTE — The Times asked the 2015 candidates for Chester County county-wide office to answer a serious of questions relative to their campaign and office, as well as their personal background. Wanting to give each candidate a direct, unfiltered, option to communicate with the voters, these responses are not edited nor abridged in any way.

By Hans van Mol, Candidate, Chester County Recorder of Deeds


Hans van Mol

1. Whether you are an incumbent or a challenger, what prompted you to seek public office?

I’ve never been one to sit by idle and complain, but rather choose to get involved and make a difference. I have been fortunate to live in Chester County my entire life. My mantra has always been to “give back” after receiving something. This county has given me the best education (Conestoga High School and West Chester University), sports programs, music exposure and police and fire protection. It is now time for me to say “thank you” and give back by serving the people.

2. Can you describe an achievement in your professional or elective life that you are especially proud of and why?

The Chester County Pops Orchestra is our county’s only resident orchestra. With 65+ members, they are a complete ensemble that performs a full array of music for young and old with affordable ticket prices. I am proud to be the youngest President and Chairman of the Board of this outstanding organization. During my tenure our concert attendance has increased and we’ve received greater public notoriety. Proudly, we celebrated our 10th anniversary and were recognized by both Senator Andy Dinniman and Commissioner Michelle Kichline with letters of commendation.


3. Talk about a difficult decision you’ve had to make, how you went about it and what the outcome was.

Dismissing someone from a position is always upsetting, especially when he is a friend. As the president of a college organization, this situation fell on my shoulders when an officer was failing to execute his club duties. I re-explained the responsibilities, offered extra training and personally mentored him. After giving notice and all that assistance, I firmly explained my reasons for having to dismiss him. Much to my surprise, he was happy to have an end to his time-taxed situation and thanked me for having the gumption to replace him. The organization ran more smoothly and we are still friends to this day!


4. As not all Row Offices are as self-explanatory as District Attorney or Sheriff, can you briefly explain the duties of the office you seek?

The Recorder of Deeds serves the public as a county record keeper. This office requires the highest standard of integrity and accountability. As Recorder, I would serve all of Chester County in maintaining land deeds, official military records, mortgages, and county transfer taxes. I would work to expedite the filing of such records and familiarize our veterans with discounts offered for their dedicated service to our country.


5. What qualities do you feel make you the best candidate for that job?

Being entrusted with important personal documents is not to be taken lightly. My efficiency, discreteness, outstanding work ethic and honest commitment to serve my home county combine to make me the top candidate for Recorder of Deeds. Factor in my strong people skills and life-long residency in Chester County and I vow to execute my duties to the fullest!


6. What do you feel are the most important issues in your race?

Many voters have spoken to me about their concern for a good Recorder of Deeds who has the highest integrity while in office, be it the immediate Recorder position or an outside office in other organizations. They have also voiced their desire for a candidate who is dedicated to serving in his capacity for the well being of the people, rather than using the position solely as a “stepping stone” to bigger and better things. I am a man of the utmost veracity, who is committed long term to anything I do. Those are character traits that I am proud of!


7. Is there anything else that you would like the people of Chester County to know about you?

It is an honor to be the youngest candidate running for office in Chester County! However, I am an old soul, mature beyond my years. Fortunate enough to be raised on the Main Line, I was never fed from a silver spoon. My upbringing was based on hard work, the importance of high moral values, service to others and ALWAYS giving back for the graces that were bestowed upon me. Full commitment to making things better than the way I found them are also words that I live by. After all, if you want change, then you need to be the change. It would be an honor to serve Chester County in the capacity of Recorder of Deeds – my lifelong county and home of the finest residents!


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