Letter: Mushroom Festival grants might be best kept secret in area

To The Editor:

One of the Best Kept Secrets in Kennett Square…

The Mushroom Festival! Well it’s not the festival itself that is a secret; the Festival is well known and rated as one of the best food festivals in the nation. What I am talking about are the grants that the Mushroom Festival provides to local non-profits. The Festival raises tens of thousands of dollars each year, which they then distribute to community-based non-profits that help local people in many ways.

My nonprofit organization SPEAK Unlimited has been honored to be a recipient for many years and I am always in awe of the diversity and depth of the good works of the selected organizations. This year my nonprofit did not apply for a grant because we were in solid enough shape financially to do what we needed to do and we wanted to leave funding for other organizations that may have a greater need.

Since our organization is not a recipient this year I wanted to take this opportunity to let the community know about the wonderful contributions that the Mushroom Festival and the mushroom industry provides to our community. More than 30 nonprofits are given grants each year and with those grants they are able to offer scholarships to camps, help repair homes, provide education and support to children, seniors and the disabled and much more. So this year when you go to the Mushroom Festival, look around for the grant recipient tables and find out what great work is being done with the profits from the festival and be proud of your community.

Susan Rzucidlo

New Garden

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