Letter: Pocopson EIT is unfair

To The Editor,

Letters1Pocopson is once again considering the idea of raising their EIT, which was originally implemented back in 2010 in the summer while many were away. Of course Supervisor Conary touted that it was only .20%, even though many of us were concerned that it would be increased once again very shortly.

Oddly enough, the board back then considered it to be the most fair way to tax our residents, even though the majority of our residents were not paying an EIT in other jurisdictions. It is also intersecting that three retired folks on the board  thought it was fair to only tax those who work, even though all of us utilize township services. 

No one wants to see their taxes increase, however most understand that the cost of things continue to rise. One financial manager in the township said back in 2010 that it would be better to increase property taxes $5 a year, then to implement the EIT and I concur. Having some pay for everyone is inherently wrong. All of us who live her are responsible for funding the township. I can only hope that the board either reconsiders this stance, or they put it on the ballot in the spring and allow the voters to decide. This approach should also be utilized with the Bernard House renovations as well before we spend over $1 million of tax payers money.

While I appreciate all the time and dedication the board gives to our community, and it truly is a thankless job.  There really should  be more constituent input when it comes to major issues like these. I can only hope that the board does what is right in these matters.

Sean C. Rafferty


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