Letter: voters being disenfranchised in Chester County

To the Editor,

Letters1Cuyler Walker, the winner of the Republican primary for the 158th State House of Representatives, withdrew his name more than a month after the deadline for withdrawing had passed.  He cited personal reasons.  A Republican Commonwealth Court judge allowed this even though the election laws in Pennsylvania are clear on the matter.  The runner up in that primary was NOT chosen by the Republican party to replace the unlawful withdrawal of Cuyler Walker.  The Republican incumbent, who emphatically stated previously that he would retire at the end of 2014, was chosen (but not unanimously).

Also,  two of the three current Chester County commissioners are running for office in this election and had to  recuse themselves from the Board of Elections.  And, even though one commissioner  was a Republican and one a Democrat, the Republican court appointed two Republicans to replace them – not one Republican and one Democrat as would seem fair.   Then this newly formed all-Republican Board of Elections instructed the director of Chester County Voter Services to put the name of the Republican replacement candidate’s name on new absentee ballots, even though the Supreme Court had yet to rule to allow a replacement candidate.

In addition,  Precinct 477 in Chester County was moved out of the 157th House of Representatives district into the 155th House of Representatives before the general election butafter the primary.  Because of this action, the voters of Precinct 477 who voted in the primary will NOT be able to vote for the candidates they elected in the primary.  This action not only disenfranchises these voters but violates the Pennsylvania Constitution.  When the director of voter services moved this precinct he stated that there had been a mistake during redistricting and, once discovered, had to be corrected in order to be fair.  How ironic!

Is this the government you want in Chester County?


Judy Porta, 


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