OP/Ed.: Wrong for state and Rafferty to back drilling on parkland

By Kathi Cozzone, Chester County Commissioner


Kathi Cozzone

On Tuesday afternoon, we saw over twenty committed citizens standing outside my opponent’s office protesting the Senator’s vote to lease state-owned parkland to drilling companies. In addition to being harmful to our forests and parks, this vote was part of a larger problem happening in Harrisburg right now.

The vote to lease state parkland to drilling companies was a vote for the Fiscal Code, or the vehicle that drives the budget. After years of irresponsible governing from Governor Corbett and Republicans in the Legislature, Pennsylvania was faced with a gaping revenue hole in the budget and we didn’t have enough money to fund even the austere Corbett/Rafferty budget.  

Instead of closing the budget shortfall with a few common-sense responsible policies, like a severance tax on Marcellus Shale drilling and the expansion of Medicaid, my opponent supported a budget and Fiscal Code that used a number of one-time fixes to give the illusion of a balanced budget. Included in these one-time fixes and Band-Aid solutions was the leasing of state-owned parkland, something he promised he would not do, and something that he said himself he would have looked closer at if it wasn’t hidden in a bill.

It’s time we have leaders in Harrisburg that care more about Pennsylvania and Pennsylvanians than they do about party politics. It’s time we have a legislature that works for the people and not one that acts as a rubber stamp for Governor Corbett’s bad policies.

It’s time for a change in Harrisburg and I applaud the constituents in the 44th Senate District that are working to hold Senator Rafferty accountable.

Kathi Cozzone is a Chester County Commissioner and the Democratic candidate for state Senate in the 44th District.

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