Letter: Library board has failed on relocation

To The Editor:

Letters1Two decades ago, the Bayard Taylor Memorial Library Board announced the need for a new library facility. This facility still does not exist and apparently will not be available for at least another decade. The Boards over the years have made decisions and proposals that the community simply does not support.

The community rejected the Board’s current suggestion to use the Waywood site about a decade ago. The Board also rejected their own suggestion over a year ago when they put the Waywood site up for sale. The Board’s slow evaluation of possible sites has resulted with the development of useable sites for other uses.

I do not believe that the library board is capable of provide the community with a new library facility. The Boards apparently do not have the skills or ability to plan, finance, and build a new library.

I would suggest that an independent group be formed and charged with providing a new library within five to ten years. This group could have 2 non-BTML Board representatives from each municipality the BTML claims to serve, 2 BTML Board members, and maybe 2-3 members appointed by this independent group once it is formed.

I am confident that the community could have a new library facility within the next decade.


Bruce B. Yelton


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