Pocopson reveals proposed Comp Plan

Public hearing on plan slated for June 23

By Kelli Siehl, Staff Writer, the Times

POCOPSON – Residents are encouraged to take a look at the recently unveiled Comprehensive Plan which includes the maps and the plans for future growth and development in the Township. Susan Elks, from the Chester County Planning Commission explained portions of the plan to members of the Township Planning Commission during last week’s public meeting.


Susan Elks, from the Chester County Planning Commission, goes over details for Pocopson’s proposed new Comprehensive Plan as a recent Board of Supervisors meeting.

In 2001, Pocopson Township contracted with the County Planning Commission to create an updated plan to provide a vision for future land use in the Township. According to Elks, the Comprehensive Plan is the basis for establishing ordinances for zoning, subdivision and land development and other regulatory controls – in accordance with requirements by The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC). MPC requires each municipality to have a Comprehensive Plan and to review and update that plan about every 10 years; an earlier plan was adopted in 2001 and many of the items included have been completed.

Elks told those in attendance that the information used to complete the plan was gathered during public meetings held by the township’s Comprehensive Plan Task Force, resident comments and data from the 2001 Comprehensive Plan. From this pool of data, Elks said, emerged three themes of focus: future land use, historic resources and greenway.

Future land use, she explained, includes a plan focusing on housing and development within the southern portion of the township and preservation within the northern portion of the township. Elks advised that implementation would require updates to the current zoning ordinances which would include changes aimed at keeping public water and sewer services focused on the southern portion of the township and continued mixed use around Pocopson and Lenape Roads.

Better protection for historic resources is an item remaining from the 2001 plan and currently there are several recommendations to address this topic in the new plan. Elks said recommendations include the creation of a historic overlay district in the zoning ordinance and the possibility of Pocopson becoming a Certified Local Government under the National Park Service program which would open up opportunities for grant programs.

Elks ended her presentation by focusing on the “Greenway” portion of the plan. She explained that it is about continuing the trail effort the Township already has in place and building on that endeavor to improve public access to Brandywine Creek and protecting critical national resources.

The Township Planning Commission voted to accept the plan and the next step is to forward the draft document along to adjacent communities, the school district and the county for review. Residents can visit the Township Building at 740 Denton Hollow Road, weekdays between 9am-Noon, or access the plan online at www.pocopson.org.

The Pocopson Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing to consider adoption of the updated Comprehensive Plan at their Monday, June 23 meeting beginning at 7:30pm at the Township Building.

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