Letter: County official thanks Penn Township residents

To The Editor,

Letters11It is an honor to have been elected as Clerk of the Courts of Chester County, which I began January 2014. The cost-effective and efficient administration of the court system is a vital component of our local government. The trust placed in me by the voters is a tremendously positive motivating factor as I approach the challenges of this office. Thank you for the vote of confidence!

As I reflect upon the past six years as a supervisor, and more than a decade of community service, it seems that the time has gone so very fast. Although challenging at times, I will always have sincere appreciation for the residents of Penn who had the confidence to allow me to represent them. I thank every person who took the time to interact with me and my fellow township leaders over the years.

Many of you are neighbors, friends, or residents that I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time, a privilege afforded to me as your elected official. Regardless of the topic, I have always valued the input of each resident that took the time to express their ideas to me. The experience has been very rewarding, and I encourage the residents of Penn Township to stay involved and informed by attending township meetings and interacting with your current board of supervisors and other elected officials.

Now, I will continue to serve you in a different capacity as the Clerk of Courts of Chester County, a position that I am honored to hold. Thank you again Penn Township residents for the opportunity to work on your behalf.


Robin Marcello

Chester County Clerk of Courts


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