County urges parents to keep kids safe in snow

Prevent them from tunneling in snow-plowed piles, which can collapse, officials say

sleddingChester County emergency services officials want to warn residents to take precautions when children are playing in the snow, which can be dangerous, despite its allure to youngsters.

With such high snow accumulations in the county, officials recommend dressing children in brightly colored clothing and discouraging them from playing on or tunneling through the large piles of snow left behind by plows. The snow piles can collapse and trap children, officials said.

In addition, passing snowplows could hit the pile, injuring children inside. Snow-removal operations can be in effect at any time during the winter, so there really is no safe time to play in these piles, officials said.

Another concern, seen Friday, in more urban areas: motorists should watch out for pedestrians in the street — walking there because sidewalks have not been cleared. Pedestrians should exercise caution as well. And in municipalities where property owners are responsible for clearing sidewalks, they are urged to clear them as soon as possible.

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