Letter: for kids sake, we need to fight for clean air

To The Editor,

Letters1Lately, I’ve been thinking about the quality of the air we breathe.  The World Health Organization recently labeled all outdoor air pollution as carcinogenic.  Several decades worth of industrial and vehicle emissions have poisoned our air.  And I can’t help but wonder what this means for my children and for all children exposed to these toxins.  Contaminated air just can’t be good for developing lungs.

I am the mother of two children – one is at college, and the other is in middle school. I worry about their health, especially their lung health.  How is the air they breathe today going to impact their lungs long-term?  I also work with children on a daily basis, and some of them have asthma.  It is heart-breaking to watch them struggle to catch their breath.  They need clean air.  We all need clean air. And we deserve it.

So what can we do to get clean air?  The task may seem overwhelming, especially as it involves taking on big industries.  But it’s not impossible.  If each of us takes just one or two steps to help clean our air, we can make a difference.  Find out what you can do by contacting your local chapter of the American Lung Association.

Lynette Fallen

Lincoln University

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