Event aims to fast-track human-trafficking bill

Legislation passed in state Senate; awaits action in House

State Sen. Andy Dinniman

State Sen. Andy Dinniman

An event designed to facilitate passage of human trafficking legislation will be held on Thursday, Jan. 16, at 7 p.m. at the United Methodist Church of West Chester, said State Sen. Andy Dinniman.

The event will include an update on Senate Bill 75, legislation that would help end human trafficking in Pennsylvania, as well as a panel discussion on what the bill will mean for law enforcement, victim services, private citizens, and the faith community.

“The Philadelphia area is one of the major hubs of human trafficking in America. In passing Senate Bill 75, we will deal a major blow to the local, national and global scourge of human trafficking,” Dinniman said. “Please join me on Thursday to discuss how you can help this key piece of legislation clear the final hurdles and hear what is next in the battle against this modern-day slavery.”

Those scheduled to speak at Thursday’s event include State Sen. Stewart Greenleaf, prime sponsor of Senate Bill 75 and chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee; Jen Horowitz, director of public policy for  Women’s Way; Jamie Manirakiza, program director of the Salvation Army of Greater Philadelphia; John Rafferty, anti-labor trafficking attorney at Friends of Farmworkers in Philadelphia; Rev. Jane DeFord, Central Presbyterian Church, Downingtown; and Kathy Weir, chair of the legislative committee for Chester County Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition (CCAT), said a news release from Dinniman.

Senate Bill 75, of which Dinniman is the first co-sponsor, was unanimously passed by the Pennsylvania Senate in December. The bill, which is now before the House, would improve and better define human trafficking laws to protect victims and prosecute offenders, the release said.



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