With neighbors’ feedback, supervisors OK tree landscaping plan

Neighbors backs plan for Leonhard property, launch of May reenactment website

By Nicole Brown, Staff Writer, The Times

Birmingham-250x265BIRMINGHAM – Thetownship’s Board of Supervisors approved the landscape plan for resident Victor Leonhard III’s property, Monday, which was not approved at last month’s meeting due to a need to notify neighbors about the changes.

Leonhard’s property is also the location of his landscape business, and he has been working on the construction of the building and landscape around it since 2010. He recently decided to make changes to the placing and species of the trees he plans to plant, but did not notify the neighbors, who had previously approved his original plan, before requesting approval from the board last month.

At the meeting on Monday night, Leonhard provided the supervisors with feedback from his neighbors. He sent letters detailing the plan to 29 neighbors, the same people involved in the discussion regarding the original plan. Two responded to Leonhard’s letter with their comments.

One of the neighbors responded that he would be satisfied if no trees were planted, but if they are necessary, Leonhard can go ahead and plant them. The other said he does not have a problem with the proposed plan, but he suggested that more trees be planted near the parking area on the property.

Supervisor John Conklin asked if Leonhard is planning to take the neighbor’s advice and make further changes to the revised plan, but Leonhard said he is not.

“This is the plan,” Leonhard said, making it clear that no more adjustments would be made.

The supervisors had no other questions and with no complaints from the neighbors, they chose to approve the plan.

Also at the meeting, a member of Birmingham Friends Meeting Maryetta Glancey requested information about the planning of the Battle of the Brandywine reenactment scheduled for May 2014.

Conklin told her that there is a committee in place that is planning the reenactment. Their meetings are open to the public and held in the township building at 6 p.m. every third Tuesday of the month right before the Recreation Parks and Open Space committee meetings. However, they will skip the month of July.

“Basically there’s a lot of planning and a lot of speculation,” Conklin said. “A lot of things have to get pinned down.”

Supervisor William Kirkpatrick added that a reenactment website was launched last week. The address is thebritisharecoming2014.com.

Finally, roadmaster David Rathbun informed the supervisors that the township received four bids for the completion of their road program that was approved last month.

The lowest bid came from Page Excavating at $14,764, which is less that the estimated $16,635 cost.

Rathbun was optimistic about the work this company will execute.

“Obviously Page is a contractor we’ve had a working contract with many, many times, so we are familiar with the work,” Rathbun said.

The supervisors approved this bid and motioned for a contract to be written with the company.

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