Thinning the fashion herd is harder than it should be

Spring cleaning offers the chance to cut back, but it can be tough

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

UTNuKellyColumnThe sudden burst of springtime weather brings many lovely things: open windows, blooming flowers, iced coffee.  Perfection.

However, the Debbie Downer in me would also like to point out that it brings yucky things like: stink bugs by the thousands, the “smell” of mushrooms and the dreaded “changing of the closet”.

For as much as I love clothes, I truly hate having to pack away sweaters, coats and boots.  Not only is it a tedious chore, but it really should turn into an opportunity to purge.  I am not very good at that part.  (shocker)

For example, I have a big, chunky cream turtleneck sweater that gives me hives when I wear it.  But what did I do?  I packed it away…as if next winter I will magically not be allergic to wool.  I have five pairs of skinny, black corduroy pants.  I alternate between two.  But what did I do?  I packed away five.  I NEVER WORE seven shirts that STILL HAVE TAGS ON THEM.  But what did I do?  I packed them.  Because maybe next year I will (no, I won’t).

I struggle with getting rid of these clothes because what happens if I find the perfect opportunity to wear them and they are gone?  Which never happens, I might add.  And, let’s face it….if presented with that true fashion emergency, I will just go out and buy something anyway.

The reality is, (and this is the part where my husband throws up his hands in exasperation) if I took the chance and donated or consigned these superfluous items,  I would probably notice all of the pieces I ALREADY have and wouldn’t need to panic that I have nothing to wear.  It would force organization and simplification resulting in elevated levels of contentment.

Light bulb moment????????


I’ve already finished putting it away.  Maybe next year….

Happy Weekend!

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