Exchange student’s lodging dogged by cat allergy

Longwood Rotary Club is seeking replacement host family

The Longwood Rotary Club is sponsoring two students from foreign countries
to share in a yearlong exchange program at Unionville High School. (As
part of the exchange program, three UHS students are studying abroad in
Belgium, Japan and Brazil.)  Each student from abroad lives with two
different families during their 10 months in this country.

The club recently learned that a female student from Japan is severely allergic to cats and cannot live with the first scheduled host family since they have two felines. The  club is hoping someone living in the school district will step up to help, a commitment that would start  Aug. 20 and continue either through
Thanksgiving, or until January, depending upon availability.

The Japanese student  is 16 years old, loves to draw, and hopes to
continue her training in the arts. She has studied English for 11 years so
communication should not be a problem.  The host family does not need to
have any children at home so empty-nesters who can share
a home and cultural traditions with her would be welcomed. To
learn more about the role of a host family, check out this link:

If you are interested,  please contact Lynn
Nathan, the Youth Exchange Officer for the Longwood Rotary Club, at 610-608-7420 or  as soon as
possible. The Youth Exchange Program of Rotary International has world peace as its
express purpose. Past host families have had very positive experiences as
part of this program and can be made  available for questions.

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