Letters: Weigh board options carefully

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To The Editor:

As a current Unionville Chadds Ford school board director I’m asking the public to carefully weigh their choices in the upcoming UCF school board election.  The candidates who will continue the positive behavior of the past two years are Rob MacPherson (East & West Marlborough) and the trio of Timotha Trigg, Frank Murphy and Sharon Jones (Chadds Ford, Pennsbury).

In contrast, their opponents have shown a disregard for the public voice and an ease in spending your tax dollars as evidenced by their support of the expansive high school addition with under-the-cap financing.  If past behavior is any indication of future behavior, these free spending candidates would return to the we-know-best ways of the past.

There has been a remarkable, positive change in school board behavior over the last 2 years.  I’d like to keep it that way.  No longer do we have a board that ignores the public voice as was previously evident with the high school project.  Board deliberations are conducted in open session with pertinent documents easily accessible on the District’s web site.  Public comment is welcomed and encouraged.  An excellent replacement for our retiring superintendent was selected with public involvement.

No longer do we have a sky’s-the-limit spending attitude. A modest contract has been negotiated with the teachers which includes a one-year wage freeze.  Cost reductions in transportation and maintenance services have been implemented.  Tax increases have been kept at or below the Act 1 Index for the past 2 years in contrast with previous behavior.  All this has been done while maintaining excellent academic performance as shown by our recent PSSA and SAT scores.

Please allow us to continue our sound educational and fiscal policies by electing MacPherson (East and West Marlborough), and the trio of Trigg, Murphy and Jones (Chadds Ford, Pennsbury) this November.

For clarity, these are my personal views and may or may not represent the views of other school board members.

Keith Knauss

East Marlborough

UCF School Director



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