‘Sucker Punch’ suspect faces additional charges

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Barry Baker

The man charged with slugging a disabled man in front of a West Chester 7-11 faces additional charges, Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan said Thursday.

Barry Baker, 29, currently of Georgetown, DE, but a former East Fallowfield resident, now faces additional charges of Flight to Avoid Apprehension, Hogan said. Baker was the subject of a manhunt after videos showed him taunting and then sucker punching a disabled man in from the 7-11 on High Street, May 10.

Baker previously faced charges of simple assault and charges related to failing to appear at two court-mandated appearances.

“On May 10 of this year, the defendant sucker punched a man with cerebral palsy,” Hogan said. “Since that unprovoked attack, the defendant has been arrested for assault, had his parole revoked, went on the run, was captured, and now has been charged with flight. The defendant’s fiancee has been arrested for helping the defendant flee. The defendant’s father has been arrested for dealing drugs. This is how Chester County law enforcement deals with bullies who pick on disabled people.

Hogan said that Baker went into hiding with the help of his fiancee — who helped him get a hotel room at the Clarion Inn in Exton under an assumed name as well as a pre-paid cell phone. U.S. Marshalls apprehended Baker on June 5, who was allegedly hiding in the bathroom of the hotel room.

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