How young is too young to get nails done?

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I don’t need to sit next to your child at the salon, thank you

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

UTNuKellyColumnTuesday morning I was watching the TODAY show and they did a segment on current topics for debate.  My ears perked up when they started talking about “Pamper Parties” for little girls.  The question posed was “at what age should girls be allowed to get their nails done?”  NOW, before I reveal what the masses voted, let ME weigh in with my thoughts…

I understand that going to a theme party complete with manicure, hair and make-up is the trend these days (creepily similar to “Toddlers & Tiaras” if you ask me….although, the person who came up with this idea is making a MINT! Kudos!)  But, I think the regularly scheduled mani/pedi with mom is absurd.  What does a young girl have to look forward to if she has a standing appointment starting at age 5?  I think it should be a rite of passage to indulge in a luxury like that.

Go ahead and leave me a nasty message in the Comment box, but when I have an hour to sneak away and get a mani, the last thing I want to walk into is a salon full of children!  I’m there to GET AWAY FROM MY CHILDREN…not to sit next to yours in a pedi chair stealing my US Weekly.  Good grief.

The same applies to high-end salons for haircuts!  Perhaps I’m bitter because I spent my childhood being photographed with butchered bangs or the indentation marks from sleeping in foam rollers.  Shouldn’t little kids have ugly hairstyles?  If they grow up looking perfect, how can they age gracefully?  Will this be a whole generation of women who peaked in pre-school?  I look back at my high school photos where I never knew the benefits of plucking my eyebrows or proper eyeliner application and I appreciate that I have gotten better with age!  I worry that this adage will fade away…

And, in case you were wondering, fifty percent of people polled thought that manicures should be reserved for ages 13 and up.  (I would have said 16, but I’m a stick in the mud, obviously)




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