Unlicensed breeder pleads guilty to animal cruelty

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Chester County SPCA found 29 abused Samoyeds during August raid

By Kathleen Brady SheaManaging Editor, The Times

The dogs seized from an unlicensed kennel in Landenberg were Samoyeds, a breed like the one pictured here, used originally for pulling sleds and reindeer herding.

Mutilated kittens, cats shot by arrows and BBs, dogs burned in bags and cages, and an emaciated pitbull left for dead. These are just some of the horrific discoveries experienced this past year by animal-control officers from the Chester County SPCA.

Despite thorough investigations that often involve necropsies at New Bolton Center, animal-cruelty convictions are infrequent. Unless witnesses come forward, there is seldom enough evidence to press criminal charges since the victims can’t communicate.

Fortunately, exceptions occur, said Rich Britton, a spokesman for the Chester County SPCA. He said yesterday Linda Wilson, an unlicensed breeder in Landenberg, pleaded guilty in Kennett Square District Court to one count of animal cruelty.

Wilson, 57, was ordered  to pay $5000 restitution to the Chester County SPCA and surrender 29 Samoyeds seized from the unsafe conditions on her property, Britton said. In addition, Wilson will spend 90 days on probabtion. The penalty stemmed from a raid the agency conducted of Wilson’s kennel  on Aug. 3, Britton said.

“We are very proud of Chester County SPCA’s Animal Protective Services Officers’ ongoing fight against animal cruelty and thrilled at the outcome of this case, “ said  Chester County SPCA Board President Conrad Muhly  “These dogs were rescued from living in deplorable conditions, and now they will find the loving, forever homes they deserve when they come up for adoption within a couple of weeks.”

Court records indicate that Wilson has a lengthy history of dog-law violations dating back to 2008. Her  convictions range from failing to maintain sanitary conditions to disturbing the peace, records said.

Britton said the animal-advocacy agency, an independent nonprofit that has been serving the county since 1929, has had a challenging year. In addition to completing a much-needed expansion of its West Goshen facility, the Chester County SPCA typically investigates an average of 450 complaints a year of animal abuse.

CCSPCA investigators could always use the public’s help with leads on unsolved abuse or donations, Britton said. Anyone with information should contact CCSPCA at 610-692-6113, ext. 213 or emailcruelty@ccspca.org. All tips are confidential, and anonymous tips are welcome.



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