Alleged drug-smuggling reunites couple – in jail

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Duo charged with trying to smuggle drugs into Chester County Prison

Jessica A. Williams

POCOPSON — A 70-year-old Maryland man has joined his 25-year-old girlfriend behind bars after allegedly using a paralyzed veterans decal to sneak illegal drugs to her by mail, said Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan.

Hogan announced charges today against Dennis D. Leffew and Jessica A. Williams, both of the same address in Elkton, for what Hogan termed a creative drug-smuggling operation. Williams has been serving a six-month jail term at Chester County Prison on theft charges; Leffew was remanded there after failing to post $10,000 cash bail on April 11, court records said.

“If these two criminals spent as much time and creativity on doing something useful as they did on sneaking drugs into a prison, they might be gainfully employed,” said Hogan. “Instead, they both are looking at felony convictions.”

Leffew is accused of delivering Suboxone, a controlled substance, to Williams on four occasions between Feb. 8 and April 11; the two face charges of conspiracy, delivering contraband to a prison inmate, drug delivery, and related offenses, Hogan said.

Dennis D. Lefflew

The criminal complaint offers this account: Chester County Detective Matthew Gordon was advised by Chester County Prison that correctional officers had located four envelopes and letters that had been sent from Leffew to Williams at the prison. On the top left of the stamped envelopes was either the return address label of Leffew or a decal label which stated “Proud Supporter Paralyzed Veterans of America.” Under each postage stamp and decal, correctional officers located an orange strip, which prison medical personnel determined to contain Suboxone, a Schedule III controlled substance.

According to the complaint, Gordon reviewed phone conversations between Leffew and Williams in which Williams instructed Leffew in how to obtain, transport, and deliver the drug into the prison. After executing a search warrant at Leffew’s residence, detectives found letters from Williams to Leffew detailing the process as well as more Suboxone, an addictive controlled substance used to treat opiate addiction.

“We place a high priority on maintaining a safe and contraband-free facility,” said Chester County Prison Warden Edward McFadden, who oversees the county facility in township. “We will not tolerate drugs being smuggled into Chester County Prison.”

Hogan called the investigation an example of excellent cooperation. “Captain Farina spotted the problem, and the Chester County Detectives worked with the prison to complete the investigation,” Hogan said.    Send article as PDF   

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  1. Timesreader says:

    He should get an extra 20 years for dating someone so young..!!

    • Mike McGann says:

      As they are both legal adults, I don’t know that the choices they make in their personal lives are really anyone’s business. Clearly, if the charges are true, they have enough to worry about.

      • Kathy Brady Shea says:

        Authorities allege that the choices the couple made led to the charges – and a taxpayer-funded investigation. So, in that sense, I think it is everyone’s business, and I also think it’s fair to suggest that a 45-year age difference represents an atypical choice.

        • Mike McGann says:

          One could say the same (atypical) about picking a career in journalism — but one would hope neither choice would merit incarceration. 🙂

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