Letter: Stop, Stop, Stop — just Stop it

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To The Editor,

So I come across the local area sentiment and social media lash-out in the wake of the death of three innocent people in Virginia this past week. I got sucked in to over two hours of reading the increasing hate and blame between our neighbors and fellow Americans, and of course the targeted political leadership in our own municipalities and county. Looking for a word that describes this most current dialogue,  this is the closest I could come.

Definition of bigot

1 :  a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (such as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

It would seem there are very few that can claim they are not a bigot in some form- because both sides of this hate debate are “intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices”. Christianity is intolerant of atheism, peacemakers are intolerant of violence and guns, hate groups are intolerant of their targets, hate group haters are intolerant of hate groups,  political parties are largely intolerant of each other…it goes on and on.

So, I dare say that those who continue to practice bigotry, in all its forms, are accountable for the horrific atmosphere we currently have- in our neighborhoods and our nation. Joining in the toxic conversations with passionate intolerance does not seem to be working to help find real solutions to horrific hate acts by individual people or groups. So maybe we should just stop it.

So, how about changing the dialogue to one of action instead of re-action? Why not hold those legally accountable for the actions which are taking lives, and the leaders of those people who condone those actions in their own policy manuals and personal posts? So, why not bring to trial the leader, boss, accomplices etc. who encouraged people like the driver of the car which resulted in three deaths. Recently, a young woman was just convicted, now in jail, for encouraging a young man via text messages, her friend, to commit suicide. So, why not hold those in the Virginia incident accountable? Why not have the City of Charlottesville, Va, or the United States Government bring suit against the leaders and accomplices to this man-and hold them accountable? Just like what was done to all those significant players in the Nazi Haulocaust. They were investigated, brought to trial, legally prosecuted, and similar behaviors virtually stricken from public acceptance world wide. The Virginia incident is a remaining pocket of similar mindset to that which has been condemned world-wide for over half a century. Why does handling of this situation have to be any different?

Maybe we should be asking those currently in office to hold these people accountable-they all have names. But of course that effort would cost taxpayer dollars, set a precedent of imparting swift justice, and make members of these hate groups really angry.  Oh well, another war-a war on hate. If any of our current leadership does not want our justice system to investigate and determine accountability, they continue to be a reason for this hate atmosphere.  But that of course is just my opinion.


Lauressa McNemar


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