NYC Fashion Week: just as magical as you’d think

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My first time won’t be my last time at legendary fashion event

“Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future…this is known as Fashion Week”~ Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & The City

Editor’s Note: Kelly is taking a well-deserved week off. We present a classic column from two years ago on New York Fashion Week. Look for a new column from Kelly next Sunday.

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

And, this year, I got to attend my first show: Katie Ermilio! See pics below. It was every bit as magical an experience as I dreamed it would be.

The day began with a train ride into the city (that I spent writing a paper for school and finishing my reading assignments. NOT glamorous, but necessary) I am lucky that I get to crash at my cousin’s apartment in midtown when I visit, so I had time to relax and change my outfit.

The plan was to meet my cousin at a coffee shop about 40 blocks from his apartment thirty minutes before the show started. The invitation was for 6:00 pm and I wanted to be on time, so I left to catch a cab at 5pm. By 5:30, we had moved ahead 9 streets. I was in full blown panic mode. I paid the cabbie and RAN (in 3 inch heeled boots, no less) for 22 blocks. I almost got hit by a dude in the bike lane as I scrambled to catch another cab for the remaining 7 (my feet were killing me and of course, I didn’t bring gloves because I switched to a smaller purse)

Fashion Week

By some small miracle, I managed to arrive EXACTLY on time. In fact, there was no need to panic as the runway was being installed as we checked in! Models were running late (cue the drama…where is Naomi Campbell when you need her?) and we were guided to the bar for a complimentary cocktail. Sounded like a fine solution as far as we were concerned and it made for excellent people watching as we waited.

Let me tell you (as I am sure you already know if you have ever spent time in NYC) that it was like walking in to a Beautiful People Convention. This being my first experience at a fashion show, I struggled with choosing an outfit. It was bitter cold, which significantly narrowed my options and convinced me that pants were my best bet. However, the frigid temps did not stop women from wearing dresses…many of them bare legged, as well.

Fashion Week2There were lots of designer handbags, shoes and fur (not all of it faux). And, eavesdropping on the conversations these ladies were having was amazing. Lots of “darling!” and “fabulous!” chatter. Tres chic.

I positioned myself right at the center of the runway and held my ground as the music began. The models were young. Very young. And, arguably quite hungry because none of them weighed more than 100 pounds fully dressed. But, I say “dressed” loosely as much of the couture was sheer with no underpinnings in sight.

I can honestly say that I wanted E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. My favorite was the crimson colored fur top (FUR TOP, people. I die) and accompanying satin pants (located in the collage, top left). After about 25 blissful minutes, the show was over.

Now that I have a taste of what Fashion Week is like…I plan on being a regular!

Happy Long Weekend!

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