Letter: Republicans, you own this

To The Editor, Donald Trump and Secretary Hillary Clinton faced off their final debate, and once again Mr. Trump found new ways to embarrass the Republican Party – and those in the Chester County Republican Committee and their candidates who have continued to endorse him.  

Letter: It’s better out there than you think

To The Editor, Who isn’t weary and disgusted by the national news? This election year is like nothing we’ve ever seen. It seems as if the news has a new, even more, outrageous story every hour. People are overwhelmed by the anger, political spin, and the hourly updates. I have good news. It is better out there than the news would lead you to believe.

Letter: New funding needed for Growing Greener

To the Editor:  Pennsylvania’s Growing Greener program has a proud history of success in protecting our water, conserving our natural lands, preserving our family farms and providing outdoor recreation.  However, much work still needs to be done in order to ensure future generations have access to clean water, locally-grown food and public parks, trails and recreational opportunities. 

Endorsements: Pat Toomey for U.S. Senate

If you’ve been watching your TV of late, you’ve seen two portrayals of U.S. Senate Candidates Pat Toomey (R) and Katie McGinty (D) — and can’t be blamed if you think them both corrupt and owned by special interests. The campaign ads are cartoonish attempts to massively exaggerate the flaws of both candidates, in both cases bordering on downright dishonest. The truth is, as is usually the...

Endorsements: Clinton is the clear choice

In most years, the decision to make endorsements is a fairly simple evaluation of both the policy and character of the individuals involved. We take for granted that the candidates up for election are driven by a sincere desire to make things better, even if they have differing opinions on how to get there. And while we feel this remains largely true for all of the down-ballot candidates this election...

The Trumpocalypse hits home

Meanwhile, local candidates gather and talk issues thoughtfully By Mike McGann, Editor, The Times Well, that was a week to be proud of in politics, right? As Donald Trump continues to loom over the election of down ballot candidates much as he did over Hillary Clinton during last Sunday night’s town hall forum — frankly, all it needed was slasher movie music to make it perfect — it seems...

Letter: Voters have a clear choice in the 158th

To the Editor, The voters in the PA House 158th district will be choosing a new state representative on November 8th, since Chris Ross is retiring.  We have been waiting for many months to see and read Republican candidate Eric Roe’s positions.  Finally, his campaign published three position papers, on “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” On Oct 2nd his Party or his handlers...

Bill was right: it’s a crazy system (part II of II)

By Nathaniel Smith, Columnist, The Times Our current health care “system” is such an undependable patchwork as to be, for many Americans, crazy. For years Democrats have been saying that Obamacare, officially the Affordable Care Act (inspired, incidentally, by Mitt Romney’s program in Massachusetts) is imperfect but a good step forward while Republicans (even some benefiting from it)...

Trump puts local candidates in a deplorable situation

No good choice for down ballot GOP candidates By Mike McGann, Editor, The Times Um, now what? If you think the average American doesn’t know what to think about the tapes revealed Friday involving Donald Trump’s comments on women, imagine if you happen to a Republican appearing on the Nov. 8 ballot for Congress or the State Legislature. I’m not going to address the actual content of the comments...

Letter: A vote for Roe

To The Editor, Eric Roe will make an outstanding State Representative for us in the 158th Legislative District. He’s one of the hardest working men I know, and he’ll work tirelessly for the residents of the 158th in Harrisburg. He’s got the work ethic, the skill sets, the private sector experience and the professional acumen to be an effective advocate for families and seniors....