Letter: Chesco corrections officers deserve better pay

To The Editor: Is your health and safety worth more than $34,000 per year? What about the health and safety of your children? Your family? Your neighbors? Your community? Does our community think that a human life is worth more than $34,000?

Letter: Justice should not be denied to sex abuse victims

To The Editor, In Harrisburg on Monday there was a public hearing on HB 1947, a bill to open the statute of limitations for childhood victims of sexual abuse. I have always supported Rep. Rozzi’s work in advocating for justice for the victims of childhood sexual abuse, but I am concerned that this bill creates two classes of victims. HB 1947, as it was introduced by Rep. Marsico, this bill limits...

Letter: Column unfairly politicizes Orlando shooting

To The Editor, I recently read Mike McGann’s piece about why politicians should not offer their thoughts and prayers in the wake of a tragedy and that the Republican majority in Chester County “chose” the horrific acts that took place in Orlando, Charlestown, Sandy Hook and other places. I can’t express how disappointed I am in your politicizing this tragic event.  I am deeply troubled...

Don’t offer your ‘thoughts and prayers’

Accept the reality of mass shootings: this is what you wanted By Mike McGann, Editor, The Times Don’t bother sharing your “thoughts and prayers.” The truth is, the slaughter of 49 innocent people in Orlando Sunday is exactly what you chose. Just as you chose the slaughter in Charleston, Sandy Hook, Aurora and dozens more. You also choose the shootings in Coatesville which of late seem to...

Op/Ed: Remembering those we lost defending freedom

By Steve Barrar, State Representative (R-160) Rep. Steve Barrar (R-160) listens as Rep. Mark Gillen (R-128) explains the updates that would be made to Soldiers’ Grove to honor the heroes who sacrificed their lives defending our country as a result of House Bill 1484. Soon, we will be recognizing another Memorial Day. In the past year, we have lost more men and women as they defended the greatest...

Letter From The Editor: Shiny and new!

Dear Readers, You may have noticed a few changes here at The Times in the last few days: a bit of a more contemporary look and — finally — proper compatibility with tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. While we’re always looking to evolve and improve — and already have made a few tweaks to the new design based on your input — this is the first major site renovation since the...

Letter: Dinniman, Wolf have failed our schools

To The Editor: Governor Wolf and Senator Dinniman failed students, teachers and taxpayers this past week.  House Bill 805 would ensure that the best teachers are protected from layoffs and not simply the ones who are there the longest.  Rather than working to improve our education system and provide real accountability, Wolf and Dinniman opposed this legislation to protect the interests of a...

Finding good borne out of a profound loss

Memorial 5K for Jacinda Miller keeps her legacy alive By Lauren Parker- Gill, News Editor, The Times This past Sunday, I had the honor of wearing two hats at the Chester County Half-Marathon and Memorial 5K – volunteer and journalist. Jacinda Miller was my friend. We were neighbors and birthday buddies, our sons went to school together, we saw each other every day at the bus stop, we also carpooled...

Grab a No. 2 pencil and underline this: the Keystones are unfair

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While the legislature fiddles, teachers and students suffer By Mike McGann, Editor, The Times The good news is that the kids got to sleep in a bit on a school day. And while it’s becoming increasingly clear that our teens don’t get enough sleep — and a movement to delay the start time in Chester County high schools is slowly gaining momentum — that my twins, freshmen at Unionville High...

Op/Ed: Community health centers betray pro-life trust

Congressman claims federal funds used to pay for abortions By Joe Pitts, U.S. Rep., 16th District U.S. Rep. Joe Pitts (R-16) There are 237 Community Health Center sites in Pennsylvania. Their umbrella organization, the National Association of Community Health Centers, declares that their mission is to serve over 23 million people at more than 9,000 sites to address the widespread lack of access...