Local Democrats appear to enjoy surprising enthusiasm gap

Flap over Parrish’s finances may prove double-edge sword for GOP By Mike McGann, Editor, The Times With what seemed like a weekend of bad news, followed by the chaos at the start of the Democratic National Convention, if local Democrats seemed a bit down in the dumps, it wouldn’t be surprising. Instead though — and I witnessed this first-hand at the Kennett Area Democrats office opening...

Violence is never the solution

We need to put aside anger and talk about what’s going on and why By Mike McGann, Editor, The Times We live in angry times, something we should all be worried about. From the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to the streets of our cities, folks are expressing their anger, often at each other and not in particularly helpful or useful ways. Like everyone else, I’m horrified by the...

Op/Ed: Don’t despair, volunteer

By  Kathleen Meehan Do, Executive Director Kennett After-School Association/After-The-Bell After The Bell in Kennett Square keeps middle school kids engaged and safe after school. But the program depends on local volunteers to make it a success. It’s hard to turn the television or computer on these days without hearing more bad news. Reports about shootings, riots, and acts of terrorism can...

Letter: Our community supports correctional officers

To The Editor, I would like the Chester County Correctional Officers to know that our community thanks them and stands with them, and I would like to thank Chris O’Donnell from Teamsters Local 384 for bringing to everyone’s attention the ways in which Chester County’s correctional officers and taxpayers are being unfairly treated. As an attorney who frequently visits Chester County Prison,...

Letter: A property tax reform suggestion

To the Editor: Every election cycle legislators trot out statements that they are going to do something about property taxes, and as sure as spring follows winter, nothing gets done and that issue gets put away until the next election season.  It’s time to stop paying lip service to we, the taxpayers, and do something. I’ve been paying property taxes for 28 years, so I understand the struggles...

A tale of two candidates and Trump

Also, can the CC GOP make up for national shortcomings in organization? By Mike McGann, Editor, The Times As Charles Dickens put it, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Well, when it comes to politics and particularly those Republican candidates running down ballot of Donald J. Trump, it appears to be more of the latter. I give you a tale of two candidates, both of whom I...

Letter: Chesco corrections officers deserve better pay

To The Editor: Is your health and safety worth more than $34,000 per year? What about the health and safety of your children? Your family? Your neighbors? Your community? Does our community think that a human life is worth more than $34,000?

Letter: Justice should not be denied to sex abuse victims

To The Editor, In Harrisburg on Monday there was a public hearing on HB 1947, a bill to open the statute of limitations for childhood victims of sexual abuse. I have always supported Rep. Rozzi’s work in advocating for justice for the victims of childhood sexual abuse, but I am concerned that this bill creates two classes of victims. HB 1947, as it was introduced by Rep. Marsico, this bill limits...

Letter: Column unfairly politicizes Orlando shooting

To The Editor, I recently read Mike McGann’s piece about why politicians should not offer their thoughts and prayers in the wake of a tragedy and that the Republican majority in Chester County “chose” the horrific acts that took place in Orlando, Charlestown, Sandy Hook and other places. I can’t express how disappointed I am in your politicizing this tragic event.  I am deeply troubled...

Don’t offer your ‘thoughts and prayers’

Accept the reality of mass shootings: this is what you wanted By Mike McGann, Editor, The Times Don’t bother sharing your “thoughts and prayers.” The truth is, the slaughter of 49 innocent people in Orlando Sunday is exactly what you chose. Just as you chose the slaughter in Charleston, Sandy Hook, Aurora and dozens more. You also choose the shootings in Coatesville which of late seem to...